Our firm was founded in 1991 and from that time we have worked closely with a small staff to remain personally involved in every phase of every project. While small in size, we have been recognized for our work in a broad range of project types including custom single-family homes and remodels, restaurant and retail interiors and commercial adaptive reuse and renovation. The different project types inform and influence one another in a symbiotic way to form a single body of work.

Four values are central to the practice of the firm:

Collaboration is at the core of our practice. We view every project as a collaborative effort both within the office and between all members of the project team. Our most successful projects have been realized by cultivating shared ownership in the ideas that stand behind them.

Design quality and appropriateness are essential goals of every project regardless of its size or scope. We approach new projects without preconceptions and instead strive for a coherent relationship between site, program and budget and the form, material and detail of the architecture. As a result, we have been recognized through publications, design awards and competitions to a degree that is rare for a firm of our size.

Service to our clients has yielded many repeat commissions over the years. We also receive many referrals from contractors who appreciate our clear and complete documentation and our continued attention to projects under construction. In our experience, service manifests itself through clear communication, diligence in the conception and documentation of a design and a relentless attention to detail.

Environmental responsibility is of critical importance and we strive to minimize environmental and health impacts of our projects. We believe that our primary responsibility is to design projects well worth building in the first place - projects that benefit our clients and the environment by offering beautiful spaces that minimize the resources needed to operate and maintain them.